Online Registration

  1. Fill out the registration form – provide the information requested and click to validate the registration. The * fields are required
  2. Confirm your registration – check carefully the data. If necessary, correct the information.
  3. Payment of fees – after validating and confirming the registration, choose a form of payment. There is NO need to pay for the registration, in order to submit any activity. However, your activity will ONLY be included in the scientific program if you make the payment until immediately AFTER you receive the aproval for the submitted activity.
  4. After completion of registration, you will receive an email with the registration form and a password. This password will be necessary if you want to submit abstracts for evaluation by the Scientific Commission
  5. To access your registration data click here
Category Valor
ISUOG/SBUS/CBR member 1.100,00
ISUOG/SBUS/CBR non-member 1.300,00
Resident/Student 550,00